Goshen Junior High School is a rich, unique learning environment where “learning is a voyage!” The students at GJHS interact with a diverse population, helping to create a robust and engaging learning environment. Our teachers are trained and dedicated to growing junior high students through a variety of instructional strategies, such as brain-based learning, technology, and problem-based learning.

GJHS is a “High-Tech School” where students are exposed to all content areas via technology. Creating connections and links for learning helps to propel our journey. Our students are encouraged to explore a variety of opportunities in addition to academics, with the goal of discovering and developing his or her own unique gifts. Parents are also a vital part of our success. From volunteers to newsletters, GJHS is committed to reaching out and developing strong partnerships with families. GJHS is a great place to grow!


Jan Baker, principal at Goshen Junior High School, leads an outstanding staff that provides an academic atmosphere that promotes learning and success. She is dedicated to making sure that each student will meet his/her individual potential while providing a safe learning environment for every student.


All students are provided with a current handbook that outlines all the policies and procedures that they are expected to abide by at Goshen Junior High School. Parents provide input for the rules and regulations at our school.

Student Handbooks:

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Other information

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Facts & Figures

Detailed information about GJHS on the Indiana Department of Education Website

School Improvement Plan

Every school, as part of the federal No Child Left Behind Act and Indiana’s Public Law 221, must have a school improvement plan. Each school has an improvement team comprised of staff, parents, and community members. These teams developed their initial building plan in 2001-02 and revise the plan as needed each year.

Throughout our strategic and continuous improvement plan, we elaborate on how we will embed these strategies into our daily walk to help improve and further student achievement.

Download the Student Improvement Plan

Student Life

The life of a GJHS student is exciting and educational. Students attend math, English, science, and social studies every day throughout the year. Life skills classes round out a student’s schedule, with options of music, foreign language, technology, art, family and consumer science, and physical education.

There are many extra-curricular activities for students, such as athletics, service clubs, academic competitions, the National Junior Honor Society, and student council. For those students wishing to become involved at GJHS, there is no shortage of opportunities.

In order to provide a safe, inviting climate at GJHS, we ask all students and staff to embrace four general guidelines. These include showing respect to all, being prepared for class, actively participating in class, and being on time. These guiding principles help to ensure an environment that is conducive to student’s academic, emotional, and social well-being.

At GJHS you will find excellent facilities that include a Challenge Education Course second to none in the area, an indoor climbing wall, and a climbing cargo net. There are two hardwood floor gymnasiums, a swimming pool, and a fitness and wellness room. Our outdoor facilities include two football fields, two soccer fields, and ten tennis courts. The outdoor space is also used to offer many other opportunities such as golf, archery, and ultimate frisbee.